Sunday, July 14, 2013

I Promise, We Are Never Going Down.

We're different. Whether we're wearing dresses in Wal-mart or running through a huge crowd yelling "excuse me/sorry" just for the laughs. So what if all we do don't make any sense? My crew is different. Cops question us for what we do. Parked at the skate park the first day of summer? Suspicious cop. Riding our bikes three miles up to the nearest town (and back again)? Questioned again. You can't be us. We have dreams. Big dreams. And we'll fight to get there. We stay in trouble while trying to stay out. Trouble finds us. But we got this. This life thing, we got it. Don't worry about us. We're different.


Have a listen to: We're The Shit- Cady Groves

Friends: Brenda and Taylor


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